California Love: Agents Don’t Need to Live in NYC. They’ve Got E-mail (and Great Weather)

The biggest difference between West and East is focus. “On the West Coast, my focus is very much on the writers,’ she says. ‘On the East Coast, it’s very much on the publishing industry. Agents need both parts to be successful. But so much time in New York is built around lunch, drinks, parties. I miss those perks, but I’m able to put my time into getting together with writers, helping them revise materials, and spending a lot of time connecting with the world outside of publishing. After all, that’s who we’re selling to, so having a bit more of a genuine connection with what’s happening ‘out there’ is a good thing.”


Lit Agent Felicia Eth Wants Books She “Can’t Say No to”

Literary Agent Felicia Eth stays motivated for her work by only taking on projects that matter to her. In this interview, she explains what her authors should expect from today’s economy and publishing environment, and why digital publishing is all good news.


Pitching An Agent: Felicia Eth Literary Representation: This agent will work with strong writers who are willing to go the extra mile to make a manuscript sparkle

 Felicia Eth began her career as an assistant at Palomar Pictures and Warner Bros. where her job was to know the specific tastes of the executives and align them with what publishing houses had to offer. Yet as she cut her teeth learning the ins and outs of both industries, she found her personal interests aligned more with the pages of a book than the silver screen.


Getting Published

 In today’s market, there are many ways of getting published. It all depends on what YOU want from your publishing experience. The majority of people want the dream–the six figure contract, the house in the Hamptons (or Bahamas), and nationwide book tours to visit Oprah. The truth is, that RARELY if ever happens…

Top Ten Literary Agents for Literary Fiction

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